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This site carries forward Carole's personal mission of rescuing and caring for cats.
We work to increase peoples'
sensitivity to, comprehension of,
and sympathy for the emotional
needs of their cat companions.
We recommend, report on and
link to organizations, services and
products that serve cats and their
guardians well.

Decades before there was a Horse Whisperer, Carole was the Cat Talker. She has come to be known as the first and the last resort when the cat’s problem seems insurmountable. She is The Cat Therapist, a trail blazing American icon always leading the evolution in feline care.

           My Cat Wouldn't Let me Sleep So I got him a Therapist     
      When Dogs and Cats Get Depressed.  



  NBC News asks Wilbourn to explain Oscar the Cat’s unusual behavior  
    National Geographic Magazine says, for guardians “perplexed by furry misbehavior, Wilbourn, The Cat Therapist, offers dual-species family therapy.”    



Carole’s signature "I find a way to make everybody like one another."

The New Yorker magazine profiles Wilbourn for two pages in ‘The Talk Of The Town’  

“Emotional problems can cause medical problems. That’s why you have to treat the total cat,” says The Cat Therapist.



The Big New Yorker Book Of Cats  





Lulu, The Cat The New Yorker Left Behind





  The Globe And Mail, Canadian daily, quotes Carol in Rebecca Dube’s article ‘Psycho Kitty , qu’est-ce que c’est’    

   Even cats can sometimes use some therapy
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