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For thirty years, Carole Wilbourn has been a leading public voice for cat and guardian well-being.

NY Times, Cat Fancy, National Geographic, Daily News, NY Magazine - The Look Book


Carole’s signature "I find a way to make everybody like one another "


Mass market publications

National Geographic Magazine feature spread




The New Yorker magazine, “Talk of the Town” column feature







The New Yorker magazine profiles Wilbourn for two pages in ‘The Talk Of The Town’


“Emotional problems can cause medical problems. That’s why you have to treat the total cat” says The Cat Therapist.


International Daily


   The London Daily Mail

The Globe And Mail, Toronto, Canada


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International Television broadcasts

Expert commentator network news:


NBC,   PBS,   Animal PlanetMost Extreme” series,   Japanese Television    “Pet-encyclopedia”

PBS NATURE :15 minute segment devoted exclusively to Carole and The Wilbourn Way in “Those Amazing Cats.” This one hour episode also features a story with the celebrated actress and animal-lover Tippi Hedron

Author of six groundbreaking books on how to build successful relationships among cats and their households       





 Columnist Cat FancyNew York Tails; In Defense of Animals




Public appearances The New York City Pet Show and others  



Co-Founder first cat only veterinary practice in NYC

Carole Wilbourn, the founding mother of cat psychology, has taught thousands of people worldwide The Wilbourn Way to create happy cats and happy families. Wilbourn employs a “family therapy” approach to solving cats’ behavioral and emotional problems. To provide the perfect balance she incorporates Reiki in her practice. She co-founded The Cat Practice in Manhattan in 1973 -- the first veterinary practice devoted to cats only.

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