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*Product promotion
*Expert advisor to advertising and marketing agencies who are positioning cat related products for the consumer
*Creator of event concepts and branded classes/seminars/ workshops



   Meow Mix

Branded Workshops                 

Meow Mix Think Like A Cat Campaign contracted Wilbourn to teach at the A-C-A-T-E-M-Y.


9 Lives

In a national T V media blitz, expert Wilbourn introduces new spokes cat, Sylvester the Cat,  for 9-Lives Dry Food.






New York Historical Society – Petropolis 

“ of The Total Cat (Harper Collins), who initiated the concept for the Petropolis exhibit, said “This is a big celebration of the animal companions and how much they mean to people.” Amy Sacks, New York Daily News



New York Open Center

Misdiagnosed and Hard-to-resolve Problems
On two evenings, Wilbourn, “the founding mother of feline psychotherapy,”  and her cat Orion, share practical approaches to often misdiagnosed, hard-to-resolve problems. Her  expert guests include Dr. Jill Elliot a well- known veterinarian homeopath for animals and Diane West  publisher of  New York Tails, the magazine for people and their animal companions.


The Learning Annex

Wilbourn teaches classes at The Learning Annex in Manhattan, Philadelphia, Los  Angeles and Toronto. In addition, The Learning Annex offers Wilbourn’s 2011 workshop to students online on their private Ustream Channel   
I adore my cat but ...

Cat Relaxation The Wilbourn Way.  

  How To Talk To Your Cat      


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