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Carole has satisfied clients across the U.S.A., and around the world.

Following are a few of the thousands of grateful messages Carole has received from her clients for successfully resolving their cat's behavior problems. 

•    Wilbourn Way Introductions      
•    New Baby Malaise
•    Inter-Cat Hostility
•    Indiscriminate Urination/Defecation
•    Destructive Behavior
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Introductions The Wilbourn Way       

“I'm thrilled. The attached photo says it all. Your session with my guys and me was the tonic Xena needed. You mentioned when you were here that it was important for us to concentrate on Xena if we wanted her to accept Desi into her catdom. Today she groomed his tail, and they're an item. So in ten days I'll have two cats to hug. They've been together for less than two weeks. Thank you, Carole. The Wilbourn Way works!”   Kate, New York City

"I was able to successfully introduce a 1 year old shelter female cat, who wasn't considered adoptable, last April because of all I learned from you. By following your introduction rules, I had no trouble whatsoever."   N.L., Boston, MA

"My cat was always so hostile to other cats, I never thought he'd accept a new kitten. But, with Carole's introduction technique, he bonded with the newcomer in a week.J.K.,  New York City 

"Thanks for helping Benny become a true member of our family."  S.P.F., NYC



New Baby Malaise 
"Theo went into a depression when my baby arrived. Thanks to The Wilbourn Way, she's her old playful self and is even fascinated by the baby." L.S.,   New York, New York 

Inter-Cat Hostility  
"Rapunzel, my apricot hued Maine Coon, and her companion, Munchkin, a rescued domestic tabby brown shorthair, were best of pals for many years until Rapunzel was diagnosed with a Thyroid condition.  I opted for radiation treatment, sending her to the hospital for over two weeks.  In her absence, Munchkin elevated herself to top-cat status, which, upon Punzy's return, she was reluctant to relinquish - causing awful fights between the two which occasionally resulted in blood flow and caused me utter frustration.  My small apartment was not dividable and the tense situation continued for several months.  Then, I learned about Carole Wilbourn, who, within a few weeks, was able to return these two former pals to a loving relationship. Thanks Carole."  Karen,  New Hampshire 



Dear Carole:  You did more for my cats than all the vets, behaviorists and cat psychics combined. Your work with my girls helped transform an incredibly difficult circumstance back to one that is happy and normal. I'd about given up hope and never thought my two girls would be friends again.  I never knew what a cat therapist was, but you've shown me it's someone who is caring, consistent, creative, and knowledgeable.  The vet followed your suggestions since he quickly ran out of his own.  I so appreciate how many times you checked in with us to see how things were going.  With your help, it seems to have turned around.  Once again, bedtime is-- the three of us sleeping together, instead of a lock-out for one of my cats.  I so appreciate you for the unique being you are, and your wonderful skills. Thank you, Lorrie, CA.   

Indiscriminate Urination/Defecation
"Zorro had an ongoing problem of peeing outside his litter box, often on the bed or on rugs.  You suggested using piddle pads in a litter box.  Well, what I ended up doing is putting one pad on the bedroom floor and it has worked fantastically.  He pees on the pad, we throw it out and put a clean one down.  He hasn't peed on the bed since.  I never would have thought of pads - I thought only dogs used them.  Thank you very much for the suggestion."
K. R., New York, NY

"Cassilda (a shelter rescue cat).was urinating everywhere BUT the litter box, and had started to defecate on the bed.  I started to play her tape for her every day, and after a few days noticed that she had begun listening intently, and would relax & often lay down near the stereo.  Within a month she had totally stopped all elimination problems... there are forces I may not understand, but that I cannot doubt.  I firmly believe that your intervention (and the recording) contributed enormously to a happy, secure 8 years for my baby!!!H.P.,   Tucson, Arizona

"After three years, our cat - for what seemed like no reason at all - just stopped using the litter box. Carole's house call was a revelation!P.R.,   Washington, D.C.

"Since Angel's session with Carole, there's been a miraculous correction in his behavior.  No more urinating on the carpet!  He and his brother Spike always liked to hang out on the bed or on the carpet, and now they can without any incidents."  A.B., Forest Hills, New York   


Listen and Re-learn

"Years after our sessions with Carole, we continue enjoying their beneficial effects by re-playing for our cats, audio recordings of Carole's sessions with them.  These audios have proven to be for us an important part of the Wilbourn Program of continuous behavior reinforcement."   E.M., Santa Fe, New Mexico   

Matching Your Cat's "Catsonality"      
"Carole is incredibly insightful and sensitive.  With her advice, we were able to pick out a dog with just the right temperament for our cat."  M.M.,   Anchorage, Alaska   
Destructive Behavior      
"Our cats no longer wreak havoc with our sofa and drapes.  The Wilbourn Way really worked with them. And it was so simple.V.N.,   Lake Charles, Louisiana 
Obsessive-Compulsive Grooming (alopecia nervosa)    
"For no apparent reason, Cisco began pulling out his fur and licking bloody sores into his skin.  For a year, he suffered (and so did we) while we tried various approaches, treatments and medications.  In one visit, Carole divined why Cisco was harming himself and what was needed, and then helped us implement the cure.  Cisco doesn't mutilate himself any more.  He's happy now, and so are we.  Thanks a million, Carole!"  L.C-J.,   New York

“Adding a third cat was rough on Pooky.  In frustration, he groomed obsessively. Thanks to the advice in "Cat Talk - What Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You" (Chapter 12 - Relationships) he is much calmer - and furrier!  Thanks so much for a wonderful and useful book!  B.K.,  NY


The Timidity Complex
"Angel's session was actually group therapy.  His brother, Spike, who was always very timid, has become much more relaxed.  He was always very affectionate.  Now he can show it."  A.B.,   Forest Hills, New York

"Our cat Monte was the phantom cat to our friends and any visitors.  Now, he even makes guest appearances at our parties and is much more interactive with his companion cat Lola.  His sessions with Carole changed his life, and ours."  C.C.B.




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