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New Baby Malaise                     Post-operative Healing

Intercat Hostility                                  Senior Malaise

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How Can I Help You? 


- In your home

- By phone

- By video conference


What to expect when you book a consultation

Every household is different.  Every consultation I provide is tailored to the issue as you and your family experience it. Once you book a consultation online, I will contact you to schedule it, and advise you how to prepare.


FAQs about cats and their interspecies household


Common problems -- addressing them The Wilbourn Way

●    Inter-cat hostility -- aggressive cat syndrome

●    Wilbourn Way Introductions

      (kitten, cat, dog, puppy, ferret, person)

●    Sleep Deprivation

●    Indiscriminate urination/defecation

●    Timidity, feral cat syndrome

●    Claws

●    De-stress vet visits before and after

●    Emotions & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

●    Environmental Change For Your Cat     

●    Fitness/Exercise  

●    Coping With Loss/Bereavement


       Additional Concerns

●    Kidney degeneration  

●    Match catsonality, your personality

●    Obsessive Compulsive Grooming

●    Preparations For First Or New Cat 

●    Relaxation For You And Your Cat

●    Scratching Posts, Exercise 

●    Senior Cats                                       

●    Separation Anxiety  

●    Travel with/without cat   

●    Why neuter and spay?   

●    Your Cat And Your Toilet  

●    Your Cat’s /Your Communication

Other Resources  Wilbourn's Books and Columns


Contact   Book a consult for the well-being of your cat, your interspecies household, and you.



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