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When a cat and guardians come together, they form a family, a dual species family. My vision is of these families in harmony, each member reinforcing the other's well-being. Of course, as in every family, the members respond to and mirror each other -- in joy, stress and sadness. Over the past 40 years I have been privileged to treat more than 13,000 cats and their guardians with The Wilbourn Way to tune up these interspecies family dynamics. How? The Wilbourn Way works because it is simple: Help the people help the cats ---- so the cats can help the people.

About Carole

   When it comes to cats, Carole is the trail blazer.  She co-founded the first veterinary hospital devoted exclusively to cats in 1973. It still serves New York City today, forty years later. Since then Carole has travelled hundreds of thousands of miles and treated behavior problems in more than 13,000 cats in the US and abroad. As the leading practitioner in North America, the wealth of her experience continuously enriches The Wilbourn Way and the benefits it delivers to cats and their households. Carole has adapted Reiki into The Wilbourn Way. Her patients and their guardians are enthusiastically embracing the benefits of this integrated tool which enhances and speeds up their recovery. The depth of Carole’s expertise and understanding of the dynamics of interspecies households prompts many to seek her out as “the first and the last resort when the problem seems insurmountable".  Carole Wilbourn, The Cat Therapist, a trail blazing American icon always leading the evolution in feline care.

She has published six books on cat psychology and authored a column called Cats On The Couch for 16 years.

 She gives seminars at the New York Open Center, 92nd Street Y in Manhattan, The Learning Annex and often leads workshops and talks at corporate events, when not consulting at Westside Veterinary Center in New York City. She makes house calls to cats and their guardians in their homes around the world, and also consults by phone and video conference. She is a frequent expert guest on popular TV and radio shows and routinely quoted by the media. Her unique take on the life of cats and their role in the modern household is often featured in human interest and culture editions of leading international magazines. You can also access her advice on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.








The wisdom of a lifetime devoted to cats informs Carole’s unique approach, The Wilbourn Way, a holistic synergy of empathy and expertise that heals.


According to Carole, "Each case is a challenge and an opportunity to create a harmonious interspecies household. This is my passion: Happy cat, happy family!”  

Carole Wilbourn, the founding mother of cat psychology, has taught thousands of people worldwide The Wilbourn Way to create happy cats and happy families. Wilbourn employs a “family therapy” approach to solving cats’ behavioral and emotional problems. To provide the perfect balance Carole incorporates Reiki in her practice. Wilbourn lives in Greenwich Village with her cat Orion 2.







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